What You Should Look For In The Detox To Rehab Program

The foremost question about the success rate of the detox to rehab program would be the most important one. You would join a program to get off drugs and stay off them. Therefore, you should be aware of the success rate of the program. It would be pertinent to mention here that the success rates of most drug detox programs might not be too good in achieving long-term sobriety. It would be usually around fifteen to twenty-five percent. Rest assured that the most successful facilities would have around 60% to 75% success in the long term.

You might be surprised. Do you know someone who stops and begins drug abuse repeatedly? It could be anything from the pot, or alcohol, or pot. Regardless of what they have been addicted to would return to their lives repeatedly. Having a success rate of more than 70% is deemed a good chance at transforming your life.

The second question has been associated with the first question. When a drug rehab center replaces an abused addictive drug with another addictive drug, what have you done? Do you consider the new drug non-abusive? If the new drug cannot be abused, are you certain of handling the problem effectively? The transition from one addiction or activity to another is not the solution.

Drug addiction occurs for a reason. If you do not address the reasons in the treatment, rest assured the person would be headed for more addictions. It could be any other substance or activity. He might go into depression or isolation. The problem masked by drug abuse should come out into the open and be severely dealt with. If not, it would only be a matter of time before you come across more troubles.

Finally, any addiction takes time. It would take time to develop a dependence on any substance. The usual time would be approximately 28 days. Rest assured that it would take more time to get out of that addiction. When you contemplate choosing a drug detox and rehab center, be prudent to determine the promises made such as curing the addiction in four weeks. An addict would not be off drugs in 28 days. It takes time and finding a shortcut to the solution would result in disappointment.

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