Ethical and Sustainable Healthcare Recruitment with Health Carousel

Success in the era of COVID-19 has meant relying on institutions like Health Carousel to help keep staffing shortages at a minimum. Founded in 2004 as a Cincinnati-based healthcare workforce solution provider, Health Carousel found itself under the microscope during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic as it helped bring support to facilities that needed it.

With separately branded divisions each aimed at providing support to a key area of the healthcare lifecycle, Health Carousel has managed to put a stamp on the industry by placing professionals in the right places and at the right times.

Let’s explore how Health Carousel has helped facilities from the United States all the way to the Philippines and back again as they overcome obstacles put in place by the rigors of the healthcare industry.

Help From a Distance: Sustainable Employee Recruitment

The approach by Health Carousel when it comes time for staffing solutions depends in large part on the needs of the client in question. Thanks to its separately branded divisions, Health Carousel is able to help meet the workforce solution needs of both temporary and long-term facilities. One way this is accomplished is through Locum Tenens, a staffing solution for physicians.

The Locum Tenens initiative by Health Carousel is named after the Latin phrase for the word “placeholder”. In this way, Locum Tenens physicians are meant to provide their skills in the event that a full-time physician is away from the office, out for leave, or otherwise absent from their duties.

Health Carousel says that they focus on delivering a “flexible workforce strategy” that focuses on “quality and continuity of patient care.”

While the Locum Tenens initiative is important to what Health Carousel is doing, it is far from the only way that the team is stepping up to meet the needs of the moment. In fact, Health Carousel has been working extensively through its Health Carousel Philippines division to help the nation get back to pre-COVID levels. What’s more, Health Carousel aims to accomplish this goal while focusing on sustainable initiatives.

Known as the Light the Way program, Bill DeVille of Health Carousel states, “I am not aware of any other company that has set a global sustainability benchmark for its organization.”

Deville stated in an interview, “Our exceptional partnership to build nursing supplies in the Philippines is really just the start.”

Giving Back to Those In Need

Outside of the medical sphere, Health Carousel works as a pillar of the community by giving back to the surrounding areas where it operates. In 2021, Health Carousel scored the American Staffing Association Care Award for its efforts in charity and volunteering.

What makes Health Carousel separate from some of its competition is the fact that the company has a history of building sustainable practices while focusing on curating a happy roster of more than 600 employees. According to the team at ClearlyRated, Health Carousel earned the Best of Staffing Award for superior service to clients and candidates in Ohio and Texas, Health Carousel was also recognized as one of the healthiest employers thanks to its focus on worksite health as well as mental wellness programs.

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