How to Make Hemp Oil – 4 Steps

The hemp plant is a versatile and sustainable resource that can be used to produce many different products. One such product that has been gaining popularity lately is hemp oil, which can be used for cooking or applied to the skin as a moisturizer. In this blog post, we will discuss how to make hemp oil at home with few easy steps.

  1. Grind the hemp plant.

Once you have your ground up, Hemp, place it in a cloth bag and squeeze out all of the oil that you can into another container by applying pressure to the bag with your hands or some other tool such as an old fashioned potato masher (this step is known as “milking”). This process is called pressing. You will now be left with dry pulp, which can be discarded, but make sure not to miss any bits! Next, directly pour the oil from its container back into whatever vessel was used to hold it previously and save it for later use/application. Also visit, to know more useful things about this oil.

  1. Heat the hemp oil.

Now that you’ve pressed out ground Hemp, heat it until it becomes hot but not boiling over low to medium-high heat either in a pot or pan on top of your stovetop (do NOT use an open flame). When appropriately heated, this mixture will emit steam which has large amounts of THC dissolved into it.

This is where most people make their first mistake when trying to extract hash oil from cannabis without getting caught with illegal substances – they boil off all of the water content! The next step involves adding enough alcohol to dissolve any remaining oils left behind after heating and cooling down the solution again, just like before, by placing it in the freezer/refrigerator for several hours.

  1. Separate & collect the oil.

Next, let your mixture cool down and add in a small amount of water to help separate the oils from one another by shaking/stirring vigorously until they separate into two layers (this process is known as “winterizing”).

  1. Enjoy

Now you have your pure, filtered, and ready-to-use hemp oil for cooking or topical application(s). You can also add a little more water if needed to get the consistency that’s right for you.


Making your hemp oil is a relatively simple process that can be done at home with minimal effort in just a few easy steps. Making the correct type of concentrated cannabis hash oil without making several different batches for different uses is also convenient when time matters and you need it fast.

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